Stripe & Cable Socks

These socks were a complete experiment. I didn’t design a pattern at all and just started knitting . . . then decided to add the red/brown yarn . . . in stripes. . . Then I thought it might be cool to try a side cable and not carry the colored yarn through to the other side (so the color yarn is just dropped when the cable stitches are done then picked up again on the next round). I started the striping with 4 sets of stripes, then accidentally knitted 3 sets farther up the sock, so I  made the next round 2 sets just to keep the ‘decreasing’ theme.  My gauge was really off (I guess the pitfalls of ‘experimental’ knitting) so the socks came out pretty wide with good stretch length and width-wise. Since it was just experimental, I took photos for posterity and frogged the pair this afternoon. I will probably try another pair, but with proper gauge the next time around. 🙂



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