Point The Way Socks

I started dyeing yarn with Kool Aid and food coloring and my hubby was kind enough to join me in a dye session. His yarn came out so beautiful and he used 2 different shades of blue coupled with 2 shades of green. I love how there is still white showing through too. I designed a special pattern for this yarn and called it Point the Way since the purl stitches and yarn-overs create points on each side of the sock.  I’m delighted with how the socks turned out and am actually wearing them as I type this post!

Thank you Jake for my beautiful yarn!


2 thoughts on “Point The Way Socks”

    1. thanks Kali! I will add the pattern to the “Need to Complete” list for sure. It was fun to knit up. Ah, I did try to duplicate the yarn and it’s called WORLDLY on my etsy shoppe. I am sure my husband’s version is slightly different since he used kool aid and I used professional dyes, but I think I got most of the colors:)


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