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Waimanalo Yarn

I had posted this photo before, but am adding some additions 🙂

Waimanalo Beach was one of the first places my now husband took me on our first dates.  East of Honolulu, this beach is located in a residential part of the island so it is usually much less congested than the tourist beach parks.  Waimanalo does get very windy and we’ve spent fun moments dodging flying sand, storm clouds and torrential rains.  Every time we return ‘home’ to Oahu we make it a point to visit Waimanalo a few times and I always have to stop by the nearby McDonald’s for a fried apple pie (so far, Hawaii is the only state I have found where the pies are still fried, not baked).

(Waimanalo, Oahu, Hawaii | March 2010)

Being such an important beach I wanted to create a colorway that embodied the beach.  WAIMANALO is a mix of blues, greens and brown with  hints of white coming through. I knew from the moment I mixed the colors that I would fall in love with this colorway – just like I did with my husband . . .

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