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Honolulu Sunset Roving

I originally posted this photo in March 2010, but used it as inspiration for a colorway so here it is again:

One of the things we like to do while in Hawaii is watch the sunset.  It’s really remarkable how many people come out to the water to watch day turn into night and we found this beach park in Diamond Head to enjoyed the view.  My husband noticed the cruise ship was right below the sun and had me snap a photo and I’m glad he did – I just love how you can see all the windows lit up from the sun shine. Click on the photo for a bigger view.

(Oahu, Hawaii | March 2010)

I had been meaning to use this photo as inspiration for fiber/yarn and finally had the right dyes to do so.  HONOLULU SUNSET colorway is a blend of gold, yellow, black and gray.

Available @ AlohaBlu.Etsy.com


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