Food Flavored Fiber

Try saying that three times fast! Ha, ok, so maybe they are more like Food inspired Fiber, but I did have a great time dyeing these two rovings.


I had never even heard of BLOOD ORANGES until I took a trip to Italy more than a decade ago. At a farmers market near the Campo dei Fiori in Rome, I purchased a few oranges to try them out and was hooked with the first sweet bite of the ruby red orange. I made sure to buy more and snacked on them all trip long.  I see BLOOD ORANGES every now and then at the markets, but have never tried them since. I guess maybe it’s time to take a trip back to Italy?

I used to love going to county fairs just for the COTTON CANDY. I would watch as they would swirl the ‘cotton’ around the wand to make the cocoon of candy grow bigger and bigger and couldn’t wait for my fingers to get sticky. I know they make commercial candy in flat foil packages now and you can buy them in the store, but it’s just not the same.  COTTON CANDY colorway is reminiscent of the old days when they only made pink candy, and the bits of purple is for today’s modern version.

Both rovings are available @ AlohaBlu.etsy.com


5 thoughts on “Food Flavored Fiber”

  1. I love, love, love the colors! The one blue was beautiful too! Reminded me of the time I saw the “blue hole” in the lava rock years ago!! Your talents are simply the BEST! in fiber colors!! Hugs to you!!! Shari


  2. More gorgeous colors, Christina. These remind me of a couple daughters for whom they are favorites. HE HE! With a Tribe my size, we cover about every color in the rainbow for favorites, and then some! SO….. you’re bound to hit them all sooner or later.


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