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Rainy Day Eiffel

I originally posted this photo last year, but wanted to post again with some additions 🙂

For my mother’s 60th birthday last year, we celebrated over Thanksgiving week in the City of Light.  Once we arrived in Paris we were pretty tired and decided to have a leisurely afternoon.  We boarded the  ‘Batobus’  and took a tour on the Seine River which circled the city and allowed the passengers views of several famous monuments and buildings including Notre Dame Cathedral, the Louvre Museum and of course, Tour Eiffel.  It started to rain so we all huddled inside away from the cold and I snapped this photo through the window of the boat.  The raindrops on the windows made for a great foreground element, while the Paris sun was setting behind the tower.

(Paris, France | November 2009)

Being one of my favorite travel photos, I wanted to create a colorway for this and found a combination of colors that worked.  RAINY DAY EIFFLE is a mix of grey clouds, black silhouettes of the tower and trees, and a bit of sun poking through.

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4 thoughts on “Rainy Day Eiffel”

  1. Love this one!! Gotta get it from you. Will you dye a Marino/Silk roving and I’ll buy it when I get #4Ds sport in the Hanalei?


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