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A Room With a View

During a recent trip to Alaska, our cruise ship traveled through Glacier Bay National Park and spent considerable time at the Marjorie Glacier. After  taking photos on deck, we retreated to our room when we realized the captain was turning the ship around so each side of the ship can catch a view. I took this photo of the glacier from our the warmth of our cabin.

(Alaska | August 2010)

I thought this photo would be great color inspiration for wool dyeing and wanted to emulate the different shades of blue. A ROOM WITH A VIEW represents the bright turquoise of the ice, deeper turquoise of the older portions of the glacier and the waters around this massive formation as seen from our room.

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4 thoughts on “A Room With a View”

  1. Gorgeous blues! You are a constant encouragement to me. I’m looking forward to getting to the dyepot this winter. Did you hear? I’m going to use pet names from The Tribe for colorways. I think the germ of an idea for that came from you!

    Happy Fiber!


    1. Thanks Elizabeth! I’m so behind with my posting (I still have to post Hanalei!) I’m glad you’re enjoying the photos and dyed fiber. I am looking forward to seeing yours this winter. Oh, that’s great about the names and The Tribe. It’s great fun coming up with names for colorways – I go through the same mental exercise when I come up with photo names. I will be posting a couple more rovings this coming week that were inspired by food! 🙂


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