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Molokini Crater

Between the Hawaiian islands Maui and Kahoolawe lies MOLOKINI crater, a marine preserve that boasts some of the world’s best snorkeling and scuba diving. From Maui, it is a short boat trip to the crater and by the time you get in the water, there are schools of fish all around you! I have been on this snorkeling cruise many times and  if you take the morning cruise out, you get to spend the morning swimming with the fishes (no, Godfather fans, not like that!)  and have a leisurely Hawaiian BBQ lunch on the trip back – yum! This is a view of the crater from South Maui.

(Makena, Maui, Hawaii | December 2004)

Named for the waters surrounding MOLOKINI crater, this fiber has a deep teal color embedded on a gray/white background and is wonderful to spin.  MOLOKINI is available @ my shoppe.


3 thoughts on “Molokini Crater”

  1. I’m enjoying seeing the photos that give the inspiration. Glad you gave us a link to here. Didn’t think to check on your page for a website.


  2. Thanks Cheryl and Elizabeth! I am glad you both enjoy the posts 🙂 I try to post at least once a week though I’m a bit behind since I’m dyeing more than I’m posting! 🙂


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