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Halona Blowhole & Beach Cove

On the Hawaiian Island of Oahu lies the Halona Blowhole and Beach Cove. The Blowhole is made of molten lava tubes and when the surf is just right, water is pushed through the opening and spouts many feet straight up in the air. The beach cove is to the right of the Blowhole,  and on our last visit to the island, we stopped off at the Blowhole around sunset and walked a precarious trail to the sheltered beach (didn’t realize there was another, safer trail on the other side – ha!). There we took pictures as the sun set and walked along  the rocks watching the water break.

(Oahu, Hawaii | March 2010)

I used this photo as an inspiration for a yarn color that I created for the light and dark teal waters flowing in and out of the Blowhole and Beach Cove.  HALONA is available on my Etsy shoppe.


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