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AlohaBlu – Hand Dyed Yarn & Fiber

I’m so excited to be using the logo that my hubby designed for my web shoppe that I had to add it here on my blog.

I LOVE dyeing up yarn and fiber and experimenting with color.  I haven’t done too much solid color dyeing though I probably should add some to the store.  All the roving above has been dyed up in the last 2 weeks with the two on the top being the most recent (that would be yesterday).  I love the dark colors so I am definitely leaning more towards darks. Only one of these is actually MINE, that being the black/turquoise duo – I am hoping to spin those separately then ply them together for a combination yarn. The rest are for sale.

As for the yarn, I am absolutely loving the superwash yarns though these are a mix of superwash, merino and merino/silk yarns. I am finding a lot of inspiration in my travel photos and trying to capture the same color in dyes is great fun. I love coming up with names for all of them too! The two brown yarns are some of my favorites: BIG BEAR BARK (dark) and BILTMORE BARK (light). Named after photos I took of trees in well, Big Bear and at the Biltmore Estate.  I am hoping to add these two yarns as a kit with a pattern . . .

Speaking of which, I finally finished up a few sock patterns as well and posted them on the webstore. I have a couple more that I am trying to get out, so hopefully they will be available soon.


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