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Humpback Whale Breaching | Alaska

Although it’s from far away, this was probably the most exciting photo I took during our Alaska vacation. Cruising through Glacier Bay the waters were filled with humpback whales. They would come up to the surface for air or take a deep dive so you’d see air spouts or tail flukes, but not a full body. I happen to have my camera poised right on this spot and by golly, I pressed the button just in time! I was so exited that I couldn’t even talk. As I heard the other passengers exuberance upon seeing a humpback whale breaching, I quietly checked my camera to make certain I had the photo, then went up to my husband (who also had a camera, but wasn’t sure if he captured the shot) and said, “I got it”.

(Glacier Bay, Alaska | August 2010)


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