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Cubism Socks

These are my very first socks knitted with my own hand-dyed yarn! I purchased 2 skeins of un-dyed superwash fingerweight weight yarns from KnitPicks and spent an afternoon with the hubby dye-ing with Kool-Aid and food coloring. It was great fun (not cooking) in the kitchen.  I used squirt bottles to add lemon-lime green, dark green, orange and dark purple to the natural yarn. After a few rows of knitting, I found the colors were just too vibrant for my taste, so I over-dyed the yarn in a submersion of medium purple food dye.  This worked well to tone down the bright parts and bring some cohesion to all the colors.  The pattern on the socks are two interlocking cubes that repeat 3 times up the front.


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