Posted by: AlohaBlu | August 18, 2010

Hand Dyed Roving

It’s official, I’m totally obsessed with fiber! I dyed these first two rovings with professional grade dyes and had a blast (though I still think Kool Aid is a bit more fun to play with and makes the atmosphere fruity).

The top braid is superwash Merino wool and the bottom is a Merino/Silk blend.

The following two are also SW Merino and a M/S blend using the same dye colors. The SW Merino takes the colors deeply whereas the M/S diffuses and softens the colors. Sooo pretty!!

These are available for sale at:



  1. That really turned out beautiful! Can’t wait to see what it looks like when it is spun.


    • I had to try out the Merino/Silk so started with that one using my new KP spindle (I think we had similar experiences with that!). So far it’s coming out nicely. . .


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