Roman Forum Socks

During our trip to Marblehead Lighthouse (see previous post), our precocious 9-year niece, Hannah, tells me her 2 favorite colors are blue and black. Blue and Black – for a 9-year old girl! I laughed and told Hannah those were sophisticated colors for someone her age.  Then my mother-in-law and I proceeded to explain what ‘sophisticated’ meant . . .

[As as aside, I remember when I was about nine, my parents bought me a sleeping bag for a Girl Scouts trip in my favorite color – bright orange.  Clearly my taste in dark colors evolved years and years later . . . ]

After the trip, I completed these socks for Hannah in her favorite colors. The pattern reminds me of the marble columns in the architecture of the buildings I saw during my visits to the Roman Forum in Italy, and I’m hoping the socks are just ‘cool’ enough for such a sophisticated girl.


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