Inlet Socks

While I was perusing the storefronts on Etsy and Artfire I came across a store called Inlet Images. The photographer’s images were of beautiful landscapes and animals in his native South Carolina and I was inspired to design a pair of socks that captured the entry and egress of water.  I found a solid teal color yarn that perfectly matched a multi-color that I had stashed. I think these might be my husband’s favorite design of mine thus far and I have to admit I’m pretty smitten with it too.


6 thoughts on “Inlet Socks”

    1. Thanks so much Peg. I like your knitted animals on your blog – very cute. Socks are great fun and addictive. I do believe you can never have enough sock yarn. I recently got into spinning and hand-dyeing my own yarn and that’s terribly addictive as well!


    1. thanks so much Becky! i’m drooling over your Ashford Traveler wheel – what a great toy. you’ll have to let me know how you’re liking it and if it’s easy to pick up. i’m learning on a drop spindle now and it’s great fun, but have my eye on getting a wheel . . .


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