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Handspun Yarn Progress

Spinning your own yarn is just as addictive as dyeing your own yarn and both are super fun! There is a lot to learn about the different fibers and spinning and plying, and I am definitely learning why it’s called a ‘drop’ spindle. Thank goodness for carpeted floors!

The top left photo is my superwash merino blend on the spindle. The right is the skeined single yarn, about 133 yds.The bottom two are corridale blends that have been spun then made into a 2-ply yarn. The orange is just under 50 yds and light green is just about 80 yards. Yipppeeee!!


6 thoughts on “Handspun Yarn Progress”

  1. OMG, that is beautiful! You are really doing a fabulous job. It looks like you’ve been spinning forever. You will certainly have fun knitting that up. ♥c


    1. Thanks Cheryl! I actually got inspired by your post on KP (in response to Maegan’s grey wool) to try knitting up a short cowl or neckwarmer with the purple yarn since I only have about 133 yds . I am trying out a pattern now and will see if it works. It’s great fun 🙂


  2. YOU are so talented! I am so envious- I have a nice wheel in the basement not being used (unhappy face!) I love to see what your colors–so pretty! Is it the Koolaid bought in OH? Sending HUGS!!


    1. Thanks A.Shari 🙂 Oh, you should take that wheel out and spin some with us! I got into spinning with help from an online group of knitters and spinners. (if you ever start up again, I’ll email you the link to our “Spin-A-Long”). It’s great seeing how all us beginners are doing with our spindles and wheels. These were all pre-dyed fiber so I haven’t dyed any of these, BUT Jake and I did dye up some skeins last month with our OH Kool-Aid and food dye. I finished up a pair of socks with my dyed yarn and am working on a pair of socks with Jake’s skein now. I’ll post them shortly. I hope to dye my own fiber soon! Too much fun 🙂 Hugs to you and U. Gary.


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