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Biltmore Mansion

It’s hard to imagine the size of the Biltmore Mansion by this photo, but I will attest that it is absolutely impressive. We don’t generally think of having castles like this here in the US, and I find the entire history of the estate fascinating.  I highly suggest taking the tour and learning about the the family, the mansion and all the ahead-of-its time touches that Vanderbilt put into his home – like the heated indoor pool, the intercom system and laundry ‘dryer’. Having been built in the mid to late 1890’s, this remarkable limestone home will leave you amazed. Clicking on the photo will bring up a larger image so you can see the size of the shuttle and the people in front for scale.

(Biltmore Estate ~ Asheville, North Carolina | Summer 2009)


2 thoughts on “Biltmore Mansion”

  1. It really is a STUNNING place. For anyone in Asheville during the Christmas season, apparently the decorations are incredible.
    Also, although it is not really a “castle,” on the other coast south of San Francisco is the Winchester Mansion.
    Both have great tours.


    1. Thanks Hunter! I keep hinting to my family that we need to do a Christmas @ the Biltmore because I have heard the same thing about the decorations. Apparently they go all out and I bet that makes for an awesome Christmas experience. I’ll definitely keep the Winchester Mansion on my radar. Best, christina


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