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A Weekend of Yarn

Not that I need another hobby (but it’s related to knitting), I was encouraged by the KnitPicks Community members to try it out . . . So I purchased a drop spindle and some roving and started making yarn!!! Whaat? Yea – making yarn. It’s so fun.  I have to admit I have dropped the spindle many times (8 to be exact) but have made progress.

The top photo is my second ‘test’ batch that I spun, set the twist and dried. It’s lovely! The bottom photo is my first attempt on the whorl.  I tried dyeing the yarn from test batch #1 and am still experimenting, so I don’t have a picture yet. FUN weekend of yarn!


2 thoughts on “A Weekend of Yarn”

  1. It looks just as beautiful here as it does over in the KP knitting community. So glad they talked us into this, aren’t you?


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