‘LouisVuitton’-Inspired Socks | Brown & Blue

Designer handbags are super popular out here in LA – seems all the ladies have one (or more!). I am finding the Louis Vuitton brand – with its distinct checkerboard pattern – is becoming more and more popular so I thought I’d design a pattern to reflect this great style.

These socks are inspired by the  checkerboard LV handbags and start with a simple K2 P2 cuff followed by alternating light and dark rectangles. The pattern is bordered by  a simple cable on the leg and instep.  The heel is knitted by alternating the blue and white yarn and continues down the center with the alternating pattern down to toes.

The first pair I made was the blue/white pair using traditional Fair Isle knitting. The second pair, the brown/dark brown used the Philosopher’s Wool method of Fair Isle which weaves the stitches in the back so they aren’t ‘stranded’.  I’m excited to have finally finished them! (April, May 2010)

For the LV-Inspired Men’s collection socks:


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