Tidal Wave Socks

From Deby Lake’s design, these were fun and easy socks to make! I used 2 strands of lace weight yarn held together and they knitted up pretty fast. The color is more green, though this picture has more blue.


3 thoughts on “Tidal Wave Socks”

  1. ooh! very nice! I’ve been wanting to make those socks…

    We have a cuff down “old school” sock knitters group on Ravelry that is doing a water themed KAL right now and this pattern jumped out at me as something that might be fun to do.


    1. Thanks for your comments Jen! The pattern is really easy to memorize so you’ll have it down fast. You can find the pattern on Ravelry as well and it’s free so you can just download it. Which sock group on Ravelry is doing the water-themed KAL?


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