Posted by: AlohaBlu | March 27, 2010

LaniKai Pillbox View

Normally I am ‘indoors’ kind of girl, in Hawaii I am anything but!  This past trip we did a couple of different hikes and this one was quite fantastic.  The Pillbox Hike in Lanikai takes you up a steep-ish hill to two discarded WWII military bunkers made of concrete.  These ‘pillboxes’ stand on the top of two peaks and offer a birds-eye view of Lanikai and the Mokulua islands. Today the bunkers serve as  palettes for graffiti artists and a place for hikers to catch their breath.  We also know of a story where a young lady surprised her boyfriend with a candlelight picnic atop one of the bunkers.  They are now married with beautiful children.

(Lanikai, Oahu, Hawaii | March 2010)



  1. What an amazing view !!!


    • thanks melanie! i’m still sifting through over 1000 photos we took and this one was one of my favorites.
      i’ll post more as i find the best ones. happy weekend!


  2. ha ha – that candlelight picnic almost never happened! 😉 great shot, Christina & your writing is fantastic!


    • Tee hee – we can see how romantic it is up there. Even if you had to wait for the Raiders game to finish in order to have the picnic!


  3. […] this is more a ‘straight on’ view of the water, similar to the other photo I posted from this […]


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