Posted by: AlohaBlu | February 1, 2010

Green Gauntlets (fingerless gloves)

My friend, Chloe, first gave me the idea of trying to make fingerless gloves – Chloe is a master crocheter who said making them was ‘easy’. These are knitted using a K2 P2 pattern in the round,  back-forth to create the thumb space, then back to knitting-in-the round for the cuff.  Made with celery colored lace weight wool (the leftover yarn from my Mango Celery socks), this pair is very lightweight and warm. completed Feb 2010.



  1. OMG! Christina, you flatter me!
    These are sooooo lovely, great job! YOU are so amazing! You inspire me to start a blog about my passions…..xoxoxox


    • hiya chloe!! can’t wait to see your blog/website up and running!!


  2. ooooh, me likey very much!


    • thanks sueb! i can picture you in a pair of grey gauntlets to match your wardrobe . . . 🙂


  3. Hi Sweetie Christina,
    Love the new stuff on your blog! The butterfly pictures are beautiful… and look at all the knitting!
    Miss you guys! MOM from OHIO


    • Thanks Mom! It’s been great fun knitting!


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