Maya’s Cable Bag

Maya's Cable Bag

This was my first attempt at knitting cables using a bulky weight wool yarn. I realized halfway through that my cables were not crossing because I was repeating the wrong rows! Advice for first time cablers: Read (and understand) the directions before starting – ha!  After frogging to the correct spot all else went well from then onward. I think it came out nicely.


4 thoughts on “Maya’s Cable Bag”

    1. thank you! that’s so cool that you spin, dye, knit, sew and bake! as for your babka receipe, you can’t ever go wrong with too much butter, right?
      happy holidays! 🙂


    1. thank you! that’s a beautiful cowl on your blog! i’ve never tried knit pick’s peruvian wool before – is it pretty soft?
      i love your ‘Who is Redfear’ page! And I thought I was the only one who liked to write with fountain pens . . .
      happy holidays to you and your family.


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